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Swedish Translation and Release of Kim Thúy’s New Novel, Em

Book cover for the Swedish translation of Kim Thúy’s novel, Em.
Book cover for the Swedish translation of Kim Thúy’s novel, Em. Photographer(s): Emma Karhunen

Swedish publishing house Sekwa förlag is promoting its translation of Kim Thúy’s latest novel.

Kim Thúy’s novel, Em, translated into Swedish

In 2020, Stockholm-based publishing house Sekwa förlag released its Swedish translation of Vietnamese Canadian author Kim Thúy’s latest novel. Sekwa förlag specializes in works of fiction written in English, French and Nordic languages.

A close relationship with Swedish readers

Sekwa förlag has maintained a close relationship with Thúy ever since publishing the Swedish version of Kim’s first novel in 2011. She has visited Sweden often. Translating Em, placing ads and running social media campaigns is expected to help grow Thúy’s fanbase in Sweden. The translation was published in spring 2021.



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