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Improving Legal Support for the Arts and Culture Sector in Canada

Slide for a presentation by the Arts Funders Roundtable.
Slide used at the National Network Forum from May 11 to 14, 2021.
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Kingston

The Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO) is creating a network across Canada of legal clinics for the arts.

Filling gaps in legal-service delivery

Research in Phase 1 of this project showed that 94 percent of artists in Canada need, but do not have, adequate access to legal services. In Phase 2, PLEO will work with Toronto-based Artists Legal Advice Service and Artists Legal Services Ottawa to set up a national network of seven regional service hubs. This expansion of regional capacity is expected to substantially improve delivery of legal support services to artists and arts organizations across the country.

Building artists’ and arts groups’ legal literacy

Organizers will implement a six-month outreach and development strategy that includes a national forum where the initial concept for the seven hubs will be tabled. Follow-up regional meetings will bring together participating networks to explore clinical best practices, enhance legal literacy among artists and study the role of law schools. Organizers plan for the regional hubs to begin independent service work as pilot projects in 2021.


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