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Nova Scotia Indigenous Women Storytellers

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Falmouth, Nova Scotia

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Indigenous Women Storytellers in Nova Scotia Advance Cultural Recognition

High-angle shot of six women gathered around a table and smiling for the camera.
Members of the Nova Scotia Indigenous Women Storytellers collective gathered for an afternoon discussion: (left to right) Eileen Sanderson, Lorri Neilson’Glenn, Shannon Webb-Campbell, Amanda Peters, Tiffany Morris, shalan joudry, Andrea Currie Photographer(s): Amanda Peters

A four-day retreat gave Indigenous Women Storytellers the chance to reclaim their traditional place in Indigenous culture and learn about the business of writing.

The collective strength of Indigenous women’s voices

Nova Scotia Indigenous Women Storytellers held a four-day retreat to explore how their art can achieve the cultural recognition it deserves. Participants were guided by Métis author and Governor General’s Literary Award-winning poet and novelist Katherena Vermette, among others. The retreat included having bold conversations on issues such as authoring legend, identity and writing, the land as an inspiration for words and understanding the business of writing. They also participated in workshops where they assessed each other’s craft and offered kind and constructive criticism.

Honouring traditional knowledge in writing

Ten Indigenous women storytellers were invited to take part. Spots were reserved for a young writer and an Elder storyteller. One workshop was dedicated to writing about legends from traditional knowledge and how to present them respectfully in poetry and fiction. Organizers hope that the event will help expand the community of Indigenous women storytellers.




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