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MUTEK Forum: A Virtual Marketplace for Disseminating Electronic Music and Digital Creativity

A woman with a microphone stands between two chairs and in front of a screen showing a virtual presentation.
Masterclass - Danse ton algorithme : l’intelligence artificielle dans la composition et la production musicale. Presented at the MUTEK Forum Edition 6. Speaker: Jovanka von Wilsdorf, Germany; Moderator: Peggy Hogan, Quebec - Pop Montréal.
Photo courtesy of MUTEK and Vivien Gaumand

The MUTEK festival adapted the international component of its MUTEK Forum marketplace.

The MUTEK Forum is reinventing itself

The 21st MUTEK festival for electronic music and digital creativity was held in Montréal in September 2020 amid the pandemic. As part of the festival’s professional component, the MUTEK Forum virtual marketplace provided online networking opportunities for Canadian artists and foreign purchasers.

A hybrid roll-out

The festival created a hybrid version of its market, offering both an in-person experience for artists, stakeholders and audiences in Montréal and a virtual experience for international participants. This enabled the virtual market to continue its networking activities with foreign presenters.



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