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Laurence (Larry) Weyand

Program and component
Explore and Create, Concept to Realization

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Field of practice
Visual Arts

 Grant amount

Fiscal year

First-time recipient

A New Take on the Bathroom Via a Crocheted Rug Exhibition on Gender Identity

A box of Kleenex made of hooked yarn on burlap around wire mesh sits on a shelf.
A work by Laurence (Larry) Weyand made of hooked yarn on burlap wrapped around metal treillis, as part of a project entitled Every Bathroom I’ve Ever Bathed in 1995-2020. Photographer(s): Laurence (Larry) Weyand

Laurence (Larry) Weyand’s installation, Every Bathroom I’ve Ever Bathed In 1995-2020, is giving a traditional artform a comeback by addressing modern challenges in a fun way.

Crafting rugs and relationships

Larry Weyand’s installation, Every Bathroom I’ve Ever Bathed In 1995-2020, offers a reproduction of two life-sized bathrooms made of crocheted rugs. In 2022, the installation will be displayed at the Craft Council Gallery in St. John’s. The work explores the limits of crochet—a traditional art practiced in Newfoundland and Labrador—and promotes the latest techniques to artisans across the province.

Accessible arts to spark conversations

As someone who is gender-neutral, Weyand sees bathrooms as both private and public spaces of self-surveillance, discomfort, beautification, filth and confusion. By using an accessible and whimsical creative medium, Weyand hopes to close the gap with various audiences by creating spaces for conversation, understanding and compassion.


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