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FadaDance Troupe

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Regina, Saskatchewan

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Slow Burn: Experimenting to Explore and Reinvent Dance Approaches and Creativity

Three members of the FadaDance Troupe stand for a photo wearing white masks.
Three members of the FadaDance Troupe Photographer(s): Katie Bially

With Slow Burn, the FadaDance Troupe explores the rituals of artistic practice to identify new ways of creating choreographies.

Rethinking artistic practice

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, the FadaDance Troupe has created new choreographies inspired by its members’ collective experiences over the past 15 years. Slow Burn is based on contemporary dance and conscious movement techniques, and is a group of works that highlight ritual and the art of slowing down. It re-approaches the early stages of the creative process, which are often rushed due to time constraints.

Three exploratory phases

An eight-month calendar, rolled out in three phases, underscores artists’ creative processes: Séparation includes workshops and mentorship, Liminalité questions creative habits, and Réintégration—using fire as a symbol for rebirth—marks out the time and space necessary for assimilating strategies that are useful to developing new creations.


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