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Dallas Flett-Wapash

Program and component
Creating, Knowing and Sharing, Short-Term Projects

Brandon, Manitoba

Field of practice
Multidisciplinary Arts

Grant amount

Fiscal year

First-time recipient

Researching and Sharing Knowledge About Augmented Reality in Art

Sewn quilt of colourful squares of cotton and silk made to look like a QR code.
Still of sewn quilt, made of coloured pieces of cotton and silk fabric. Design includes symbol of maskwa (bear) claw.
Photo courtesy of Dallas Flett-Wapash

Indigenous interactive artist Dallas Flett-Wapash seeks to uncover knowledge and create protocols that will help other artists use augmented reality in their work.

Understanding augmented reality in the Unity game engine

Indigenous artist Dallas Flett-Wapash will research and uncover the most effective strategies to apply augmented reality to interactive art in Unity, a cross-platform game engine that is common for iOS and Android game development. It has been used to create mobile versions of Call of Duty, Pokémon Go and other popular games. Flett-Wapash’s research will supply interactive artists in Canada with clear direction to navigate the use of this game engine. It will also give exhibitors best practices to uphold physical-distancing protocols and keep the medium stable during exhibitions.

Guided by an experienced interdisciplinary Indigenous artist

During his research, Flett-Wapash will benefit from the support of Amanda Strong, a Michif interdisciplinary artist and founder of Spotted Fawn Productions. Strong’s wisdom will enable Flett-Wapash to hone his ideas, accelerate his work and understand the artistic potential of augmented reality.


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