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Cherissa Michele Richards

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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A Play for Winnipeg Youth Depicts the Realities of Multiracial Children

A woman stands in front of a brick wall.
Cherissa Michele Richards Photographer(s): Tom Tkach

Dramaturg Cherissa Michele Richards created and presented a play that examined the challenges faced by young people of mixed racial backgrounds.

Reflecting the realities of today’s youth

Winnipeg-based theatre artist Cherissa Michele Richards is the creator of a play for young people entitled Colour Rich. The play tells the stories of three young girls from Winnipeg who navigate the challenges that children of mixed racial backgrounds face. Through her work, Richards hopes to create a piece that reflects the realities of young people today—young people who represent the next generation of audiences and theatre artists.

Drawing inspiration from interviews

To breathe life into her story, Richards drew inspiration from her own personal experience and from interviews she conducted with some 30 people of mixed ethnicity belonging to various age groups.


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