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Young People’s Theatre

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Engage and Sustain, Artistic Institutions

Toronto, Ontario

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$2,500,000 over four years

Fiscal year

Theatre as a Tool and Vector for Developing and Sharing Knowledge

Three women sitting onstage on wooden chairs behind small tables.
Semiah Smith, Montana Summers and Julianne Blackbird in The Mush Hole by the internationally acclaimed Kaha:wi Dance Theatre. The Mush Hole opened Young People’s Theatre’s 2019-20 season in Toronto. Photographer(s): Ian R. Maracle

The Young People’s Theatre inspires young people with works that take them on a journey and creations that enhance their experiences.

The Young People’s Theatre: 50 years of collaboration for young people

The Young People’s Theatre (YPT) is the oldest theatre company dedicated to young people’s theatre in Toronto—and the largest of its kind in Canada. For more than 50 years, it has collaborated with theatre companies in Canada and across the world. Learning and educational activities are at the heart of its productions. The YPT also builds partnerships with school councils, universities, and other youth organizations.

Self-development through theatre

At the heart of the YPT’s artistic vision is the impact theatre can have on children’s emotional, social, and intellectual development. The YPT considers theatre to be an educational and social experience. Through its Education & Participation Department, the YPT gives young people development opportunities with art. Its programming mixes classic works from the international young people’s theatre repertoire and contemporary works that resonate with today’s youth. The productions mirror children’s development and provide them with incredibly rich cultural experiences.


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