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William Butler

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Creating, Knowing and Sharing, Short-Term Projects

Barachois Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Field of practice
Media Arts

Grant amount

Fiscal year

First-time recipient

Filmmaker William Butler Explores and Documents the Power of Powwow Drumming 

Four Indigenous men sitting in a circle and beating on the same drum.
The 13th annual Bay St. George Powwow, held in Flat Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2019.

In 2019, documentary filmmaker William Butler used a Canada Council grant to work on the second film in a trilogy about drumming groups.

A look at the experience of drumming from the perspective of a man

The first film in Butler’s series, MIMIKEJ, also focused on drumming, but explored the experiences of women. In this follow-up film, titled ETLTE'K (He Beats It), viewers are offered a glimpse into men’s relationships with learning and sharing songs. In particular, the film examines drumming through the lens of an individual man’s experiences.

A film to reflect on the past and revitalize Mi'kmaq culture

This film, like the other two in the series, has three purposes: to highlight the revitalization of Mi'kmaq culture; to examine the powwow world and its traditions; and to create stories that portray Indigenous people who, despite having faced many hardships, find joy and happiness in their lives. The trilogy is a response to the many powerful but sad stories related to experiences of the residential school system, the loss of culture and language, and the need to do more than survive.


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