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Diana Lopez

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Uxbridge, Ontario

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An Inspiring Residency in Mexico for Multidisciplinary Artist Diana Lopez

A woman hanging by a harness performing a dance movement outdoors.
Diana Lopez Soto at the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology, State of Michoacán, Mexico. Photographer(s): Jessie Zsolt

Artist Diana Lopez, who combines dance and nature in her practice, reconnects with the traditions and her ancestors’ land at the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology.

Art and exchanges in the natural environment of Michoacán, Mexico

During three weeks in the fall of 2019, Diana Lopez fine-tuned her nature-inspired aerial movements at a centre for art and ecology in Mexico. She also pursued her research on water rituals with visits to several communities in the State of Michoacán. This unique professional development opportunity enabled her to enrich her creative process with ecological and ancestral elements. It also allowed her to meet with local communities.

Constructive exchanges ripe for renewal

During her residency, Diana Lopez was profoundly inspired by discussions with other artists about the various ways they include ecology in their work. The artistic and interpersonal relationships that she built in Mexico will continue to enrich her artistic process. Thanks to the Arts Abroad program’s Residencies component, Diane Lopez further developed her artistic practice.



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