Three dancers on stage with a cellist.
Resonance New Music 2018, a collaboration with Connection Dance. Works: Sarah Power, Marcia Dysart, Amanda LaRusic and Andrew Reed Miller. Photo: Matt Carter
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Our grants making a difference

Motion Ensemble

Program and component
Explore and Create, Artist-Driven Organizations

Saint John, New Brunswick

Field of practice
Music and Sound

Grant amount
$40,000 over 2 years

Fiscal year

Growing as Artists and Cultivating New Audiences

Motion Ensemble, a chamber music group based in Saint John, New Brunswick, is gaining inspiration and sharing its eclectic music with a wider audience thanks to a Canada Council grant.

Sharing exciting new works with New Brunswick listeners

Motion Ensemble’s repertoire is a mix of contemporary, classical and experimental music that sometimes incorporates electronics, improvisation and visual media. The group performs in art galleries, nightclubs and schools across New Brunswick. Its aim is to encourage regional voices in composition while giving local audiences access to Canadian and international work not often heard in the province. Motion Ensemble also challenges itself by experimenting with artistic boundaries that expand the notion of concert performance.

Inspiration, audiences and a higher profile

Motion Ensemble had not toured since 2008. Thanks to a recent Canada Council grant, it has begun touring in larger locales in New Brunswick, where its members can gain inspiration through exposure to new ideas. This will empower the group to break out of the "new music bubble," redevelop a core ensemble, and engage new audiences. Motion Ensemble will also build its profile by collaborating with larger organizations like Symphony New Brunswick.


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