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A Stimulating Writing Workshop for Emerging Theatre Creators in Winnipeg

Close-ups of six playwrights.
People taking part in the drama writing workshop for emerging playwrights and young theatre creators. Top Row, from left to right: Wren Brian (Photo: Sandra Birkner), Kristian Jordan (Photo: Kendra Hope Penner), Frances Koncan (Photo: Ady Kay Photography). Bottom row, from left to right: Jo MacDonald (Photo: Jo MacDonald), Alissa Watson (Photo: Ady Kay Photography), Liam Zarrillo (Photo: Taylor Kist)

In December 2018, young drama writers from Manitoba drew on creator Djanet Sears’s expertise during a five-day workshop organized by the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.

Writing for all forms of theatre

By bringing together playwrights and other theatre artists who are just starting out, a workshop in Winnipeg addressed both traditional drama writing and interdisciplinary forms like stage writing. Playwright Djanet Sears, known for her play The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of a God, provided flexible teachings to stimulate new ideas and encourage participants to use various forms of storytelling.

Training based in diversity

Djanet Sears is from a culturally diverse community and she’s known as one of Canada's most eloquent voices on the subject of diversity. Her workshop readily focused on better representation of diversity in the country. Indigenous and trans participants applauded her selection as facilitator, as she was sympathetic to their realities and the Association’s desire to better reflect Manitoba’s artistic landscape.


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