Close-up of the artist
Still image from VQUEERAM (2018), HD video with sound, 14 minutes
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Vishal Jugdeo

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Explore and create, Research and creation

Saskatchewan and New York

Field of practice
Visual arts

Grant amount

Fiscal year

Grant enables artist to create multi-screen video and sculpture installation

Visual artist Vishal Jugdeo produced documentary portraits of six millennials who are contributing to global resistance movements against patriarchy, racism, state power, wealth inequity and social injustice.

Taking artistic risks

Vishal Jugdeo is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in video, installation and sculpture blends fictional and documentary approaches to narrative. In 2017-18, he won the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize in Visual Arts. This installation, which blends his interests in experimental narrative and documentary, is his most ambitious project to date. Foregrounding sexuality, gender and race, and their relationship to power, it has a boldly political dimension.

Speaking with a stronger voice

On another level, Jugdeo’s installation reflects an emotional directness that speaks to the nature of being human in the world: How do we navigate a path to selfhood and happiness in spite of systems of oppression? Jugdeo’s attempt to answer questions like this through art reflects his increasing artistic maturity, resolve and confidence.


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