Five people inspect a small paved, fenced yard for accessibility.
Tangled Art + Disability's Tangled Art Inclusion pilot project conducts a collaborative accessibility site audit at Heliconian Club for Outside the March's production of Dr. Silver. Photo: Tangled Art + Disability
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Tangled Art + Disability

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Supporting Artistic Practice, Sector Innovation and Development

Toronto, Ontario

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Deaf and Disability Arts

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Fiscal year

Arts organization piloted an accessibility consulting platform

Tangled Art + Disability wanted to bring together people with lived experiences of disability to develop, lead and pilot an accessibility consulting platform that arts and cultural organizations could use.

Art for all

Tangled Art + Disability is a Toronto not-for-profit organization that connects artists, the arts community and a diverse public by championing inclusivity in art. In 2017, it developed and piloted an accessibility consulting platform to test how effective it might be in improving accessibility and inclusion among art presenters. The goal was to better serve artists, audiences and administrators from various disability communities.

Growing as an organization

Tangled Art + Disability viewed the pilot as an opportunity to build its capacity as an organization, including financially. It was facing a need to diversify its income sources so it could keep generating revenue without charging for admission. The consulting project offered a potential a new income stream, since it explored the possibility of launching a social enterprise dedicated to disability-led access consulting for arts and culture organizations.


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