On a warmly-lit stage, the partially naked performers in white make-up seem to be stuck to each other. From left to right:  Florence Brunet, Léonie St-Onge, Andréanne Joubert, Jalianne Li and Pierre Robitaille.
Les limites possibles du bruit, a co-production involving Satellite Théâtre, Pupulus Mordicus, Cirque-Théâtre des Bouts du Monde and Grafted Cede. From left to right : Florence Brunet, Léonie St-Onge, Andréanne Joubert, Jalianne Li et Pierre Robitaille - Photo: Emmanuel Albert.
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A co-production involving artists from Acadia, Quebec and England

In January 2018, a creative-development phase for the show Les limites possibles du bruit [The possible limits of noise], a co-production with the Grafted Cede company, took place in Moncton.

Co-production as a space for intercultural creativity

Nine Acadian, Quebec and British performers are creating a bilingual show combining dance, acrobatics, physical theatre and masked acting that draws on the respective theatrical cultures of the companies involved. Part of the creative process, in which the performers reveal intimate details about themselves, took place during a two-week phase in Moncton—a highly productive blend of culture and humanity!

An artistic exchange and a greatly expanded touring network

This project involves traveling by the Canadian artists and enables them to tell their own stories and be in contact with other realities and other ways of seeing the world. For the two Canadian production companies, it was also an opportunity to expand their dissemination networks, given that the show will be presented on tour both in Canada (Moncton and Quebec City) and in the United Kingdom.



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