In the foreground, a female dancer, dressed in traditional Indigenous garb, is shown performing.
The Game, a co-production with Manohar Performing Arts of Canada Inc. Photo: Manohar Performing Arts of Canada.
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Sarasvati Theatre

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Arts Across Canada, Arts Festivals and Presenters

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Field of practice

Grant amount
$93,000 over three years

Fiscal year

FemFest promotes the creation of works by female artists

Sarasvati Theatre is preparing the next three FemFest festivals that showcase gender diversity and works by women.

Revitalize artistic practice by prioritizing theatrical works written and performed by women.

To counter the under-representation of artistic work by women in most mainstream theaters, Sarasvati Theatre reinvents theatrical forms by showcasing female talent and highlighting gender diversity. The festival intends to pursue this work, which promises many theatrical innovations.

Presenting theatre to a more diverse audience

FemFest is a festival where theatre is used to represent LGBTQ2S communities in a way that often echoes the concerns of a society increasingly sensitive to gender diversity. The festival thus attracts a new audience as diverse as the characters represented in its shows. Indigenous communities, which are also featured in the programming, constitute much of FemFest’s audience.


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