A dozen members of the Kiviuq Returns cast pose against a snowy backdrop.
Cast and Crew of Kiviuq Returns on the bay in Iqaluit. Photo credit: Jamie Griffiths, Qaggiavuut!
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Program and component
Creating, Knowing and Sharing, Long-Term Projects

Iqaluit, Nunavut

Field of practice
Indigenous Arts - Theatre

Grant amount

Fiscal year

Grant helped establish a theatre collective and create new Inuit theatre works

Qaggiavuut! aimed to strengthen and create space for Nunavut performing artists. It built an Inuit theatre collective that incorporated elder teachings and stories with contemporary perspectives, mentorship and youth outreach.

Introducing Inuit theatre to northern youth

Qaggiavuut! established an Inuit Theatre Collective and restaged its signature production, Kiviuq Returns, across Nunavut. Kiviuq Returns tells the story of a legendary Inuit hunter and hero whose journeys are the subject of much Arctic lore. All cast and crew were Inuit, including the youth who provided lighting, sound and digital design. The cast also provided workshops in theatre and music to youth in all every community on the tour.

Supporting Inuit actors, writers, directors and crew

To perform Kiviuq Returns in small communities, Qaggiavuut! had to be innovative, since many communities had no stages, technical expertise or resources. It developed a flexible set and portable technical kit, including projected digital designs. It also trained and mentored Inuit lighting, projection and sound technicians, and supported Inuit actors to develop skills in community liaison and tour management.


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