A scene from opening night of Crippled. Actors Pat Dempsey and Paul David Power seated and talking.
Pat Dempsey (left) and Paul David Power perform on the opening night of Crippled. Photo: Hibbs/Power Productions
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Paul David Power

Program and component
Explore and create, Concept to Realization

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Field of practice
Deaf and disability arts

Grant amount

Fiscal year

Grant helped artist present an accessible original play that included themes of disability

The play Crippled ran five professionally produced shows over a four-day period at the Resource Centre for the Arts in St. John’s, Newfoundland and aimed to dispel myths about disability.

Original work incorporated disability themes

The play Crippled was written and performed by a local artist with a disability. The story focused on various aspects of the character’s life, not just his disability. It garnered consistent rave reviews and enthusiastic audience feedback. It also led to future opportunities for the show, including invitations to tour, develop a broadcast version and perform abroad.

Bridging the disability and arts communities

Making Crippled as accessible as possible for audiences was a priority for the production crew. This meant providing supports such as American sign language interpretation, audio description, a relaxed performance matinee, amplified headsets and extra time and space for those using a mobility device. The production also provided paid work to local artists and business professionals, including those who self-identified as disabled.


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