The conversational robot PaulBot is seen on stage under blue-tinted lighting, alongside its creator and in front of a screen displaying his poems in Chiac.
Paul Bot at the Frye Festival, April 2018. Photo: Mathieu Léger
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Paul Bossé

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Explore and create – Concept to Realization

Moncton, New Brunswick

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Media arts

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PaulBot, an Acadian poet robot conceived by Paul Bossé and Jean-Denis Boudreau

Acadian artist Paul Bossé orchestrates an artistic spoof on technology by inventing a robot that can recite his poems.

Develop a fake artificial intelligence for an artistic project

PaulBot, a robot that can recite poems in the Acadian vernacular language Chiac, is an example of fake artificial intelligence created by artists Paul Bossé and Jean-Denis Boudreau, in collaboration with a computer programmer, over a period of thorough research and painstaking development. To make people think about technological evolution, the artists also prepared a narrative to go with this conversational robot, which gradually takes on its own consciousness.

An artistic practice that flirts with science in an innovative way

La puce à l’oreille project reflects on the invasion of robotics and artificial intelligence, and the idea they could advance to the point of fulfilling the artist’s role. As it evolves, the robot will express concerns about biodiversity and endangered species. Art is thus renewed through association with scientific concepts.


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