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Dancers and drummers perform.
Women’s Dance - National Gathering of Elders, Edmonton, 2017 - Photo: Laurie Buffalo Photography
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Inuvialuit Traditional Drum Dance

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Creating, Knowing and Sharing, Travel

Inuvik, Northwest Territories

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Indigenous Arts - Multidisciplinary

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Inuvialuit drum dance group travels to Edmonton to perform at national gathering

In 2017, the Inuvialuit Traditional Drum Dance Group was invited to perform at the National Gathering of Elders—an opportunity to showcase its style and engage with other Indigenous people.

Celebrating and sharing art, culture and tradition

The Inuvialuit Traditional Drum Dance Group travelled to Edmonton to perform a variety of traditional songs with drumming and dance, including invitational dances where audience members could participate. This was an opportunity for the group to bring its knowledge and traditions to others who share the same interest in preserving, protecting, enhancing and rejuvenating its way of life and artistic and cultural practices.

Building an audience and creating a network

Performing at the National Gathering of Elders was an opportunity for the drum dance group to showcase its professionalism and practice its art in front of an interested, engaged audience. It gave the group the chance to build community links, connect with other individuals with an interest in drumming and dance, and make itself known to youth. It was also a vehicle to allow younger people to honour their Elders.


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