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The Fascinator Management agency on a marketing mission to Ohio, Dublin, Bristol and London

Group photo of Town Choir’s young singers in a Dublin shopping centre.
Theatre Replacement's Town Choir Dublin Fringe Festival, 2017 Photographer(s): Simon Lazewski

From August to October 2017, Fascinator Management’s founder Dani Fecko represented B.C. artists abroad.

Expanding the presence of B.C. artists on the international stage

The Fascinator agency helps promote some of the stars of B.C. theatre on the international stage. During this mission, Dani Fecko met with Nova Scotia’s 2b theatre company to discuss space-sharing, promoted the play King Arthur’s Night, laid the groundwork for a possible European tour for the show Town Choir and introduced the play Tomboy Survival Guide to potential partners in London, England.

Representing the diversity of the Canadian performing arts scene

Fascinator Management clearly represents a wide diversity of theatrical forms, ranging from Ivan Coyote’s queer art to Theatre Replacement’s performance art show featuring a choir to Neworld Theatre’s production performed in part by actors living with intellectual disabilities. The agency helps introduce the variety of theatrical genres practised in Canada to international markets.



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