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Five members of a jazz band perform.
Juliet and Romeo performed by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks dancers with live music. Photo : Scott Reid
Stats and Stories
Our grants making a difference

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Program and component
Engage and Sustain, Artistic Institutions

Calgary, Alberta

Field of practice

Grant amount
$490,000 over two years

Fiscal year

Grant helps small dance company change the jazz landscape in Calgary and Canada

Calgary’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks has already laid the groundwork for its future with a new facility. Now it wants to engage more people in the art of jazz dance.

Building an audience for dance

Now that the organization has its own studio and performance space, it wants to focus on investing in art and artists and exploring the possibilities offered by the space. It is looking for new opportunities to host and present shows and build a dance audience in Calgary with more new creations each season.

Developing a dance culture

It is also committed to developing a dance culture with a “dance for all” philosophy, inviting Calgarians to watch, collaborate, celebrate and dance. One way it is making this happen is by working with artists in other media, such as visual artists and actors, and making live music part of shows. The two-year funding is a lifeline for a dance company that is one of just a few in all of North America whose raison d’etre is jazz.


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