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Photo: Patrice Mathieu
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Daina Ashbee

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Arts Abroad, Residencies

Montréal, Quebec

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Fiscal year

Dancer-choreographer Daina Ashbee creates a new work during international residencies. 

Daina Ashbee was deeply involved in creating a new work with internationally renowned Belgian dancer Pieter Ampe during residencies in Marseille, France and Nuuk, Greenland.

An international collaboration targeting foreign markets

Daina Ashbee collaborated with internationally renowned dancer Pieter Ampe in developing a new show in several phases—the first took place in Marseille in conjunction with the Actoral Festival and the second during the Kulturfestival in Nuuk, Greenland. During these visits, the dancer-choreographer made connections with presenters who would like to host her and also met with local artists.

Residencies stimulate creative ideas

In Marseille, the artist was offered a suitable space for brainstorming and developing her ideas by Montévideo créations contemporaines, a local centre for artistic workshops and residencies. In Greenland, she carried out the first phase of her practical research thanks to the loan of premises in a local theatre school.



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