Musicians and circus artists share the stage in Tabarnak.
A scene from Tabarnak, from Cirque Alfonse, a show revisiting the folklore and religious imagination of Quebec. Photo: Alexandre Galliez
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Cirque Alfonse

Program, component and grant amount
Arts Across Canada, Circulation and Touring, $20,000
Arts Abroad, Circulation and Touring, $50,000

Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec

Field of practice
Circus arts

Fiscal year

Cirque Alfonse performs on tour in Quebec and Australia. 

With support from two grants, Cirque Alfonse toured its show Tabarnak to many parts of Quebec, followed by its first international tour.

Helping regional audiences discover Quebec circus arts

Cirque Alfonse, which regularly performs in Montréal, toured to other Quebec regions to perform for audiences that have fewer opportunities to experience the circus arts. Tabarnak, a show grounded in Quebec culture and offering an unusual take on local folklore, was performed in eight Quebec cities in fall 2017.

Demonstrating expertise to Australian presenters

Continuing with an international tour to Australia, Cirque Alfonse gave audiences at the Adelaide Fringe Festival a substantial dose of Quebec culture. The company’s performances in winter 2018 coincided with the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), which was an opportunity for Cirque Alfonse to meet show programmers from Australia and other countries interested in presenting Canadian contemporary circus arts.



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