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The Canada Council for the Arts is proud to present Impostor Cities at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia from May 22 to November 21, 2021.

After a one-year postponement, the International Architecture Exhibition returns to explore how we will live together in a shared future. The Canada Council for the Arts is thrilled to once again support Canada’s official entry to the Biennale, Impostor Cities, presented by TBA + David Theodore.

About Canada’s Official Entry: Impostor Cities

Canada’s architecture is film-famous. That’s because Canadian cities often double as other places onscreen. Toronto stands in for Tokyo, for example, while Vancouver and Montreal masquerade as Moscow, Paris, and New York. Impostor Cities celebrates the Canadian cities that pose as these amazing cinematic impostors, bringing attention to how our architecture appears to the world through the silver screen.

Impostor Cities proposes new directions and agendas for thinking about Canada’s architectural identity as it poses the question: why are Canada’s buildings so good at doubling as elsewhere in films? The exhibition aims to shift our perspectives, supplanting traditional frameworks of climate, geography, history and politics as the keys to understanding Canada’s rich and diverse architecture. It will feature several of the country’s cinematic icons such as Erickson-Massey’s quadrangle at Simon Fraser University and Pomphrey’s R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, historic architecture such as Kingston’s Market Square and Winnipeg’s Exchange District, and generic cityscapes from Halifax to Vancouver.

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Impostor Cities exists onsite, and online (website live, May 22). The exhibition plays with the enchantment of cinema. Onsite visitors will encounter a Canada Pavilion wrapped in green screen material, transformed into a bold icon which accentuates the Pavilion’s distinct form, creating a new, Impostor building that is visible across the Giardini.

The online experience places visitors in movie mode, features video streams that show the Lobby in Venice and clips from the Screening Room, as well as an interactive library that allows visitors to browse information about buildings—and their architects—featured in the supercuts, as well as stories about how filmmakers transform Canadian cities into cinematic impostors.  

Get a sneak peek of Impostor Cities here.

To view the official inauguration video, click here.

Read the May 17, 2021 press release.

Canada Pavilion concept
Canada Pavilion – concept image courtesy of T B A.

The innovative approach of Impostor Cities will bring together even more people from a greater diversity of backgrounds than would otherwise travel to see it in Venice—and it does this in a way that’s gentle on our environment. We need international exchanges like this that unite people in sustainable ways so that, in turn, we can build a better world together after the global COVID-19 pandemic. Impostor Cities points to the vital role architecture—and the arts and culture, more broadly—can and should play on the shared journey ahead.

Simon Brault, Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts

The team is very honoured to be given this opportunity to present Impostor Cities. We believe the exhibition presents a timely opportunity to repatriate our architecture and make people aware that the film-famous buildings and spaces that have subtly structured our collective cinematic consciousness, are actually Canadian. It is about our identity but also about looking at what makes this fascinating misreading of our architecture possible.

Thomas Balaban, TBA, Presenter

Exhibition diagram
Schematic exhibition diagram courtesy of T B A.
Canada pavilion interior
Canada Pavilion - interior view courtesy of T B A.

It will be fun to immerse visitors in the impostor experience. Looking at cities through movies and TV shows gives a playful new look at Canadian cities, allowing visitors to think about what makes Canadian architecture distinctly Canadian.

David Theodore, curator

About the Presenter and Curator

Impostor Cities will be presented by a collaborative team of educators, architects, critics, and designers under the umbrella of T B A + David Theodore. The project will be curated by Mr. Theodore. Montreal-based architecture and design studio TBA, spearheaded by Thomas Balaban and Jennifer Thorogood, will oversee the design and production of the exhibition. Sarah Mackenzie and Pawel Karwowski will be responsible for communications and the public face of the project. The core team will be complimented by a wide range of collaborators, with Alanna Thain, Mikaèle Fol and Nick Cabelli coordinating film curation and research, while artist and educator Randolph Jordan will curate the exhibition’s sound.


Thomas Balaban

Thomas Balaban

Project manager

Montréal, architect and founding partner at T B A, Associate professor, École d’architecture,Université de Montréal

Jennifer Thorogood

Jennifer Thorogood

Project designer

Montréal, architect and partner at   T B A


Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie

 Communications manager

Toronto, content strategist

Pawel Karwowski

Pawel Karwowski

 Graphic designer

Montréal, designer

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