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In carrying out a project funded by the Canada Council, you must comply with health and travel measures in the jurisdiction where the funded activities take place. You must also follow all public health and travel measures, laws, and regulations issued by relevant government authorities.

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International Project Incubator hosted by the Commission internationale du théâtre francophone (CITF)

The Commission internationale du théâtre francophone (CITF) supports theatre coproduction and circulation projects in La Francophonie. CITF funds artistic projects that promote dialogue and collaboration between artists from at least three countries on two continents. To date, several hundreds of projects have been supported, providing artists with the opportunity to meet on creative and theatre-based grounds, to challenge and enhance their artistic processes, to discover other French-language cultures and win over new audiences.

The Canada Council for the Arts sits on this commission on behalf of Canadian Heritage.

I am honoured to have been selected to participate. I can't wait to celebrate French-language theatre with my peers from around the world and to collaborate on a new project!

Paula Laroche Humby

2019 Artist Profiles

Cory Haas

Cory Haas

Vancouver (British Columbia)

Paula Laroche Humby

Paula Laroche Humby

Edmonton (Alberta)

Gabriel Robichaud

Gabriel Robichaud

Moncton (New Brunswick)

The CITF is running a project incubator in Monthey, Switzerland, from May 15 to 26, 2019, in collaboration with Oh ! Festival and  the Service de la Culture of the canton of Valais and Culture Valais.

Eighteen artists from countries across La Francophonie will take part in creation laboratories, following which they will meet with the public, contribute to formal and informal discussions with artists and theatre professionals, and take part in various activities and shows for the 6th Swiss Theater Encounter.

This year’s theme, DE ROC & DE GLACE [Of Rock and Ice], is linked to the locale: the snowy peaks and age-old glaciers of the Alps. This powerful landscape, known as a place for silence, rest, contemplation, and  communion with nature; for inspiring diversity and scientific discovery; for illusions, disillusionment and transition—this landscape will be the source of inspiration for  the project incubator.

The Canada Council for the Arts will fund the attendance of three artists from Francophone and Acadian communities in Canada

Goals of the project incubator:

  • Enhance the collective knowledge and the connections between artists from Africa, Europe, and the Americas. 
  • Support the development of artistic collaborations and co-produced theatre projects between companies and artists in La Francophonie.
  • Contribute to the development of theatrical practices.
  • Spark discussions on respective practices and the sharing of information.
  • Discover Swiss theatre creation.

The candidates were selected through a peer assessment process based on their responses to application questions. Regional, geographic and cultural diversity, as well as a range of artistic disciplines was also taken into consideration.

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