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What is Carrefour?

Carrefour is a new, two-year professional development opportunity for emerging, culturally diverse or indigenous composers with the NAC Orchestra. It is a joint initiative of the Canada Council for the Arts and the National Arts Centre.

Carrefour supports the advancement of unique voices in orchestral composition in Canada, through commissions, rehearsals and performances, collaborative projects and new media initiatives.

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What is the scope?

Carrefour provides composers with direct interaction with and mentorship from Music Director Alexander Shelley, the musicians and administration of the NAC Orchestra, as well as promotional and public engagement support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

In a residency week, composers experience the day-to-day life of an orchestra, with access to NAC Orchestra rehearsals and concerts, as well as Canadian and international guest conductors, artists and composers, and other significant programming.

Composers will have access to the NAC Orchestra resources and library, and each commission will receive workshops in residency weeks beginning in year one. The program will encourage artistic innovation and risk-taking, collaboration with other artists and exploration of culturally diverse/indigenous themes.

Applicants - Who can apply?

Open to emerging, culturally diverse and indigenous composers, this initiative embraces contemporary, innovative and diverse voices, supporting ground-breaking original musical creation and the development of new Canadian orchestral and chamber music. Two composers will be selected. One residency will begin in winter 2017, and the second in fall 2017.

Eligibility - Who is eligible?

  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Ability to invest in a two year program with travel to and from Ottawa
  • Ability to begin in winter 2017 or in fall 2017

Activities - About the residency?

Each composer will receive:

  • $40,000 over two years as a stipend for the duration of the residency
  • $16,000 for the two commissions – a chamber work in year one and an orchestral work in year two
  • Per diem for the 6 to 8 weeks participation per season in Ottawa with the NAC (dates to be determined with the composer), including the possibility of a tour and participation in other events

Additional administrative and creative work at the composer’s point of origin.

The CCA and the NAC will provide:

  • Copying for each commission
  • Travel to/from Ottawa
  • Accommodations in Ottawa
  • Workshop ensembles for each commission
  • Further opportunities for public engagement and national artistic collaborations

Required information and support material - What you need to apply

Interested applicants must submit by email at carrefour@canadacouncil.ca:

  • A letter of interest, including an artistic vision for the residency
  • A full curriculum vitae
  • Online links to audio or audiovisual examples, and two(2) scores (if available)


Canada Council for the Arts

E-mail: carrefour@canadacouncil.ca

National Arts Centre Orchestra

Stefani Truant

Associate Artistic Administrator

613-947-7000, ext. 637

Deadline and Allocated Amount

31 January, 2017


over two years as a stipend for the duration of the residency


for the two commissions - a chamber work and an orchestral work

Per diem

for the 6 to 8 weeks participation per season in Ottawa with the NAC

Assessment - How decisions are made

An advisory committee comprised of three professionals from the milieu, alongside one representative from each partner organization, will select, from all of the applications received, a shortlist of a maximum of 12 candidates who fully meet the program’s objectives. The success of the residency relies on how well the chosen candidates fit within the overall programming of the NAC Orchestra, therefore it is understood that the Music Director will, from this shortlist, have the final choice on the selected participants.