1. Glossary
  2. first nations, inuit and métis cultural carriers

first nations, inuit and métis cultural carriers

Cultural Carriers are individuals whose role within First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities supports the preservation, retention, maintenance, and knowledge production/transfer of specific Indigenous worldviews, cultural practices and traditions through art and creative practice. This may include Elders, knowledge keepers, traditional educators and language holders.

To be eligible as a cultural carrier, you must:

  • be committed to the retention, maintenance, preservation and transfer of Indigenous modes of thought through artistic and cultural practices
  • have specialized training in your field, or equivalent experience and recognition consistent with their cultural practice. This can include mentorships, self-study, academic training or combinations of these types of training, or a demonstrated long term commitment to Indigenous cultural renewal
  • be recognized by your community as a significant contributor to First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultural practice
  • over at least 3 years (not necessarily consecutive), have engaged in community-based cultural activity on a regular basis, and received compensation and/or recognition for this in a manner that is consistent with the standards of your practice, community or Indigenous protocols