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Robert Fleming Prize

Émilie Payeur

Émilie Payeur

Photo: Mathieu Robillard

Current Winner

Émilie Payeur

Émilie Payeur is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montréal, Canada. She mainly works in experimental music and visual arts. Often described as minimalist—harsh, even—her music is mostly based on the “no-input” technique and in risk-taking. In her visual work, she expresses an interest in both traces that she perceives as vestiges of past events and actions and the idea of the sacred, ritualistic and transcendent. Payeur holds a graduate diploma in electroacoustic music composition from the Université de Montréal, and her work has been presented and honoured both in Canada and abroad.

What is this prize?

The Robert Fleming Prize is awarded to an exceptionally talented young Canadian composer to further their career development. This is one of the only prizes awarded to Canadian composers.

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How to qualify

Professional Canadian composers who submit an eligible application to the Explore and Create program are automatically considered for this prize. The winner is selected based on the assessment of the grant application.



Who created this prize?

This prize was created, and is awarded, in the memory of Robert Fleming, a Canadian composer who was also a pianist, organist, choir director and professor, at Carleton University in particular, to promote the careers of young composers.

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