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Joan Yvonne Lowndes Award

Current winner of Joan Yvonne Lowndes Award: Paul Couillard

Paul Couillard

Photographer(s): Ed Johnson

Current Winner

Paul Couillard

Paul Couillard is a queer performance artist, curator, and independent scholar with a doctorate in Communication and Culture. Couillard is a cofounder of the FADO Performance Art Centre and the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, and the editor of several monographs on Canadian performance artists. His work seeks to build community and address trauma through responsive explorations of our bodies as shared vessels of sensation, experience, knowledge and spirit. His current projects focus on the role of gesture in the transmission and conservation of performance art practices. Couillard lives in Toronto/Tkaronto, where he is a member of the Toronto Performance Art Collective.

What is this prize?

The Joan Yvonne Lowndes Award is given to an independent critic or curator in recognition of the outstanding quality of their writing on contemporary Canadian visual and media arts.

Who created this prize?

Joan Yvonne Lowndes developed an interest in modern art while employed as a translator at the American Office of War Information. After working as an independent journalist, she became an art critic for the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province, where she established an excellent reputation.

How to qualify

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