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Joan Lowndes Award

2018 Winner: Sylvie Parent

Sylvie Parent

Photo: Louis-Charles Dumais

Current Winner

Sylvie Parent

Sylvie Parent is an independent curator and art critic. She is interested in arts practices that consider technological development and scientific research.

What is this prize?

The Joan Lowndes Award is given to an independent professional critic or curator in contemporary visual and media arts in recognition of the outstanding quality of his or her work.

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How to qualify

Independent professional critics or curators who submit an eligible application to the Explore and Create program are automatically considered for this prize. The winner is selected based on the assessment of the grant application.



Who created this prize?

Joan Lowndes developed an interest in modern art while employed as a translator at the American Office of War Information. After working as an independent journalist, she became an art critic for the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province, where she established an excellent reputation.

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