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J.B.C. Watkins Award: Architecture

Current winner: Caitlin Paridy

Caitlin Paridy

Photographer(s): Osman Bari

Current Winner

Caitlin Jakusz Paridy

Caitlin Jakusz Paridy is a master’s student in landscape architecture, currently residing in Romsa/Tromsø, Norway. There she is researching and designing for Arctic/Subarctic landscapes in relation to climate change, land management and temporal-material processes. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and environmental studies and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Waterloo. She is currently designing a decommissioning plan for Svalbard's last coal mine from the standpoint of the future post-glacial landscape and the fluidity of the Arctic's frozen underground.

Project summary

Caitlin will be completing an International Master of Landscape Architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her focus is on projects that engage with the land in a way that embraces care, stewardship and empathy. This research includes land management, soil care and fieldwork methods viewed through a decolonized, feminist lens, recognizing how the agency of more-than-humans and the global assemblage of relations make up a site.

Website: caitlinparidy.com

What is this prize?

The J.B.C. Watkins Award: Architecture is offered to an architectural student from Canada wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in another country, ideally Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Iceland.

Who created this prize?

This award is funded by a bequest from the late John B.C. Watkins.

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October 5, 2023

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