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Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography

2018 Winner: Carol Sawyer

Carol Sawyer

Photo: Self-portrait, shot with the assistance of Kathleen Taylor

Current Winner

Carol Sawyer

Carol Sawyer is a visual artist and singer who works with photography, installation, video, and improvised music. Since the early 1990s her visual art work has been concerned with the connections between photography and fiction, performance, memory and history.


What is this prize?

The Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography is awarded to a professional photographer for personal creative work or professional development. This award is the only Canada Council prize dedicated to photography.

Prize amount


How to qualify

Professional photographers who submit an eligible application to the Explore and Create program are automatically considered for this prize. The winner is selected based on the assessment of the grant application.



Who created this prize?

Funding for this prize was donated by the Government of Canada on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Andrew in 1986.

Further Information

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Program Officer, Prizes

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