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What we do

The Canada Council for the Arts awards grants to artists, groups and arts organizations. We are Canada’s public arts funder, with a mandate “to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts.” 

About us

What is a grant?

Grants are sums of money awarded by the Canada Council to artists, groups and arts organizations to help them pursue their creative vision, to operate, to complete projects and share their work with the public, both nationally and internationally.

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Who gets our grants?

We give grants to professional artists, groups and arts organizations. The artists who receive grants usually have had specialized training and are considered professional by peers in their field of practice. Organizations that receive grants typically produce artistic works, present them to the public, or play a support role in the arts ecosystem.

What do we award grants for?

The Council gives grants for the creation, promotion and dissemination of art and literature, as well as for the development of the arts sector. Grants may also be used to cover the costs of travel, touring and professional development activities associated with producing art and presenting it to the public.

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Who decides who gets a grant?

The majority of Council’s funding decisions are based on the recommendations from peer assessment committees. These committees are composed of artists and arts professionals who have the expertise required to assess applications. Internal committees, composed of program officers, formulate recommendations for certain kinds of applications (e.g. travel grants).

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How many kinds of grants do we offer?

Starting April 1st, 2017 the Canada Council will offer six non-disciplinary granting programs. Current programs and deadlines will run through early 2017, and the new programs will be open for applications at the end of April.

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Want to apply for a grant?

Before applying, you need to create a profile on our portal. The Canada Council will review the profile to determine if you are eligible to apply for a grant. Once your profile has been validated you will use the portal to choose a funding program, select a component, and apply.

What if I still have questions?

Call us at 1-800-263-5588 or 1-613-566-4414, extension 5060 or e-mail info@canadacouncil.ca.