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  2. COVID-19: Information and support for the arts sector - ASL Video

COVID-19: Information and support for the arts sector - ASL Video


This video is for Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists and arts organizations.

It provides general information on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting programs and services at the Canada Council. The information will cover the Council’s operations, travel grants and public events, where to find more information and how to get in touch with us.

Our thoughts are with the many artists and arts organizations around the world. Our staff is aware of disproportionate effects of the Covid -19 health crisis on Deaf and disability arts communities. The Council encourages sensitivity from the arts sector in supporting members of the Deaf and disability arts communities in these difficult times.

We continue to deliver our programs, but there may be delays and changes.

Your patience is appreciated. We encourage you to visit the COVID 19 page of our web site regularly for the most up to date information. You will find this link and other links we talk about below in the transcript of this video.

Some deadlines have changed. The Deadlines and Results Announcement pagehas the most accurate and up to date information about deadline changes. Because things are changing quickly you may find old deadlines on other pages or guidelines documents. 

We are processing grant payments as usual. If you have problems receiving your payment or meeting your reporting deadlines, please contact a Program Officer in the relevant program.

We have made changes to our programs in relation to COVID 19. This includes restrictions on eligible activities and suspending some components, such as travel grants. Please check the COVID 19 page of our website regularly as the information is changing regularly.

We strongly encourage you to cancel your planned travel and public events or move these events online. You may keep the funds to cover other eligible expenses related to the project, including costs related to modification, postponement or cancellation of activities.

We encourage you to find creative ways to continue sharing your work with the public. This could be done through live streaming, podcasting, videos, etc. You can use your grant to cover these costs.

You will need to track the changes you made due to COVID-19 and how you used these funds in your in your final report. You do not need to submit a project update form to make these changes.

Successful projects which have not received their funding yet and depend on travel or the production or holding of public events may receive conditional grants, depending on their ability to make alternate arrangements.

Organizations receiving a core grant will not be required to have alternate programming. Their Annual Update Report should include an explanation of how their programming and activities have been affected. They will also receive an advance payment of their core grants to help with cash flow.

We encourage you to take note of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan to determine if you are eligible.

Things are rapidly changing, and to keep updated on the impact of Covid-19 on the Council’s programs and services, please visit the page dedicated to COVID - canadacouncil.ca/covid-19-information.

If you have a question regarding COVID-19 for the Council, please email to: covid19@canadacouncil.ca .

We welcome VRS calls, and we can also support longer conversations with your preferred sign language interpreter in ASL or LSQ. As always, we will cover these interpreting costs. Please email us to schedule a call.

We aim to answer all questions within two business days, but this could be affected by the volume of requests and the availability of staff and interpreters.

We wish you well during these difficult times.