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J.B.C. Watkins Awards: Music and Theatre

Current winner: Mireille Camier

Current winner: Mireille Camier


The J.B.C Watkins Awards are an opportunity for artists to develop their talents in music or theatre and to pursue graduate studies at the international level.

*Prize Currently Suspended*

This prize will be suspended in Music and Theatre for 2017, as the Council is currently reviewing its suite of prizes to better serve our communities and artists. Concurrently, the assessment process for this prize will be updated to align with the new funding model for grant programs. An announcement will be made later in 2017 to introduce these changes.

What is this prize?

The J.B.C. Watkins Awards are offered to professional Canadian artists in music and theatre wishing to pursue postgraduate studies outside Canada. Priority is given to studies taking place in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Iceland.

Prize amount

$5,000 each

How to qualify

Applicants previously qualified for this award by applying to the Grants to Professional Musicians - Individuals and Grants to Theatre Artists.

The new process for qualification will be announced later in 2017.



Who created this prize?

These fellowships are funded by a bequest from the late John B.C. Watkins.

Further Information

Andrea Della Valle

Program Officer, Prizes

E-mail: andrea.dellavalle@canadacouncil.ca

613-566-4414, ext. 5265

Toll free: 1-800-263-5588, ext. 5265

TTY: 1-866-585-5559


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