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Canada-Japan Literary Awards

Current winners: Lynne Kutsukake (top) and Geneviève Blouin (bottom)

Current winners: Lynne Kutsukake (top) and Geneviève Blouin (bottom)

Photo: Patrick Lemay / Studio Humanoid (bottom)

Current Winners

Lynne Kutsukake

In Lynne Kutsukake’s first novel, The Translation of Love, the intertwining lives of the characters weave a web joining together what it means to be Japanese and Japanese Canadian in the time directly after WW II.

Geneviève Blouin

In her book Hanaken – Le sang des samouraïs, Geneviève Blouin shares with her readers a profound interest in history, creating an immersive experience in feudal Japan.

What is this prize?

The Canada-Japan Literary Awards recognize literary excellence by Canadian writers and translators who write, or translate from Japanese into English or French, a work on Japan, on Japanese themes or on themes that promote mutual understanding between Japan and Canada.

Prize amount

Two prizes valued at $10,000 each (one English-language work and one French-language work).

How to qualify

Nominations must be submitted to the Council by a professional book publisher.

A peer assessment committee will select the recipients from among all nominations received.

For eligibility criteria, the nomination form and further information on these prizes, see the Canada-Japan Literary Awards Guidelines and Form.



30 April

Who created this prize?

Funding for the Canada-Japan Literary Awards comes from the investment returns on the portion of the Japan-Canada Fund set aside as a perpetual endowment for a literary award.

Further Information

Luiza Pereira

Program Officer

E-mail: luiza.pereira@canadacouncil.ca

613-566-4414, ext. 4086

Toll free: 1-800-263-5588, ext. 4086

TTY: 1-866-585-5559

Next Deadline

April, 2018


Prize Amount


By Nomination

Note that some guidelines are not up to date, and reflect the previous Prize administration processes. Guidelines will be gradually updated over the coming months.

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