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A woman explains a work of art to gallery visitors.
Bonnie Devine explains the work of "La Rabida, Soul of Conquest: An Anishinaabe encounter" curated by Fynn Leitch and presented by the Art Gallery of Peterborough, Wanuskewin Galleries, July 2019. Photo: Matt Braden Photography
Stats and Stories
Our grants making a difference

Wanuskewin Galleries – Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Program and component
Creating, Knowing and Sharing, Indigenous Organizations

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Field of practice
Multidisciplinary Arts

Grant amount
$135,000 over 2 years

Fiscal year

Supporting and Promoting the Work of Indigenous Contemporary Artists

Wanuskewin Galleries provide a dedicated space in Saskatoon for Indigenous artists and curators to explore and share their practices. Visitors experience perspectives and issues from a range of Indigenous worldviews.

Enhancing community engagement

Over the past two years, Wanuskewin Galleries featured 24 Indigenous contemporary visual artists at various career stages in exhibitions organized by an Indigenous arts curator and art historian. To build community engagement, the gallery introduced an artist-in-residence program, as well as artist talks at exhibitions, Indigenous guides for visitors and summer internships.

Interpreting Indigenous cultures, past and present

The works in the Galleries ensure that the perspectives on the past offered at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Interpretive Centre are flanked by the contemporary expressions of Indigenous artists. The programming serves to highlight the continuum of Indigenous creative practice.

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