The three members of The Once (two men and a woman) sitting in front of a window.
The Once. Photo: Tom Cochrane
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The Once

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St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

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A UK Tour for Newfoundland Trio The Once

To promote their new album, Time Enough, to an English audience, the three folk musicians performed in London, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester in May 2018.

Reconnecting with English audiences

The Once last toured on English soil in 2015. The band has a certain following there and an entire management team that works to boost the group’s popularity. The Once’s concerts in London and other large English cities, in prestigious venues or at recognized festivals, enabled the band to make a bigger name for itself in the UK.

Opening up opportunities at the Orkney Folk Festival

The biggest names in the English-speaking European folk music scene come together every year at the Orkney Folk Festival, where The Once performed as part of this tour. This was a networking opportunity the trio made sure not to miss!


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