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Joel Klein
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Joel Klein

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Searching for a Better Touring Model for Opera Performances

Joel Klein, who wrote and performs in A Sexually Themed Drag Opera, is developing a touring agent practice with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Fascinator Management agency.

Favourable conditions for opera on tour

Touring opera shows in Canada has been difficult in the last 30 years, but change is coming, albeit slowly. As cultural administrator and founder of the West Coast Indie Opera Incubator, Joel Klein notes that presenters are starting to show considerable interest. The current market is driving the development of touring models that are adapted to the new conjuncture—a work site that the artist can undertake with support from the Canada Council.

Drawing on practices used by UK touring agents

Since the UK’s arts funding structure is similar to Canada’s, but has more developed opera touring practices, the methods used by UK touring agents are an example to be followed by their Canadian counterparts. With this in mind, Joel Klein is currently staying in England to assess the models used there and draw inspiration from them. Through interviews with touring agents and with the mentorship of agent Robert Gilder, Joel Klein is acquiring a deeper understanding of the sector.

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