Promotional photo showing the group’s three musicians with their instruments (guitars, violin and accordion).
Photo: Dave Brosha
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Mont Carmel, Prince Edward Island

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Fiscal year

Vishtèn brings an Acadian touch to Western Canada and the United States

After an outing to the United States in the summer of 2017, the group took its contemporary brand of Acadian traditional music on a tour to Western Canada the following November.

A Western Canadian audience for an Acadian musical group

In its performances in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), St. Albert and Rocky Mountain (Alberta) and Valemount and Lake County (British Columbia), the group encountered audiences eager to discover—in French—its unique brand of music that combines new arrangements of Acadian traditional songs with contemporary instrumental creations. The group plans to return for future performances in Western Canada.

From Canada to the United States

During the summer prior to its tour to Western Canada, Vishtèn performed in New England on a short tour that gave the group tremendous exposure on American soil thanks to several engagements, including at the Lowell Folk Festival in Massachusetts, and in Schenectady, New York. This American tour was combined with a few bookings in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

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