Artist: Riit (Rita Claire)
Promotional photo of Rita Claire (Riit). Photo: Jen Squires
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Riit (Rita Claire)

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Pangnirtung, Nunavut

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Young Inuit artist Riit was featured at the Break Out West showcase event in Edmonton

Riit (Rita Claire) introduced the Canadian musical industry to her musical mixture of throat singing and dreamlike folk songs in Inuktitut.

A first major networking opportunity for a young artist

Young Inuit singer Riit traveled from Nunavut to Edmonton for her first meetings with influential people in the Western Canada music industry. She performed twice on stage at Break Out West. She also attended talks, and made a point of meeting with producers and presenters.

Budding future artistic collaborations

As the first Nunavut artist to be selected to participate in this event, Riit took full advantage of the opportunity to socialize with many Canadian artists who could become her future collaborators. The young singer focussed on one-on-one meetings to form collaborations with certain artists.

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