1. Glossary
  2. eligible and ineligible titles

eligible and ineligible titles

Because the mandate of the Canada Council consists in supporting the production of art works in the literary arts and the study of literature and the arts, only titles falling within the following categories are eligible:

  • fiction and short stories
  • poetry
  • drama
  • graphic novels (of at least 48 pages)
  • children's and young adult literature, except for those in ineligible categories
  • literary nonfiction.

Eligible titles must:

  • contain at least 50 % original content (text or graphics) by Canadian authors
  • have a print run of at least 350 copies (print-on-demand titles are eligible if you can demonstrate that 350 copies have been printed)
  • be published principally in English, French or one of Canada's Aboriginal languages.

Ineligible titles include:

  • straight reprints
  • works written by a collective with 50% of non-Canadian writers (or non-permanent residents of Canada)
  • publications commissioned or paid for by an individual, group, political party or company, and where the applicant, as publisher, does not have complete and independent editorial control
  • co-publications with governments, government departments or agencies, except for titles co-published with museums or art galleries
  • works for which the author receives no royalties (royalty fees must be paid for each copy sold)
  • books to which the author has contributed financially toward the publication costs, (this includes an author’s obligation to purchase a given number of copies of his or her book as a condition of publication)
  • books for which 50% or more of the print run is pre-sold outside normal trade bookselling channels and book clubs
  • publications written by owners or employees of your publishing house, unless these titles represent less than 25% of the house’s program each year
  • books containing prominently displayed advertising, promotional material and/or corporate logos.