National Forum on the Literary Arts

National Forum on the Literary Arts

On February 14-15, 2014, some 250 members of the Canadian literary community gathered in Montréal for 2 days of meetings and discussions designed to work towards a positive vision for the future of Canadian literature. The event was organized around four themes: creation, publication/production, dissemination and sustainability.



Read the National Forum on Literary Arts summary report [PDF, 2 MB].

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Forum participants share their expectations for the event.

Speeches from the Forum

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    • Arash Mohtashami-Maali:
      Head, Canada Council’s Writing and Publishing Section): Creating a roadmap together for the future of Canadian literature
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        The Event

        Purpose: This event was organized to galvanize the literary arts community and its stakeholders. Designed along the lines of a summit conference, it featured 2 days of meetings and discussions intended to work towards a positive vision for the future of Canadian literature.

        This ambitious project mobilized the energies of a steering committee (made up of peers) and a partnership committee (made up of members of Canadian Public Arts Funders).

        An age of transition for the Canadian literary world
        The idea for the Forum arose out of the widely shared observation that the world of literature and publishing is far from immune to the upheavals caused by the digital age we live in. Neither fully understood or integrated into the practices of the community, these changes, taking place to varying degrees for now, will intensify, making this a good time for us to look at the questions raised by the changing dynamics of the Canadian literary milieu. For example: what does an author expect of her publisher today? How is access to books evolving with the technological revolution? How do we see the democratization of publishing? How are reading habits changing?