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The Theatre Section supports the creation, production and dissemination of professional theatre, and respects diversity of practices,...

Performers: Samantha Madely and Veda Hille (at keyboards) Photographer: Tim Matheson

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BC’s Theatre Replacement Society “dresses up” for international tour

Using clothes to stitch together the stories of our past is the premise of Dress Me Up in Your Love. In this production by Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement Society, 10 performers dress and undress to reveal the stories behind the clothes and the closets they came from. For the company’s first international tour, the production was staged at venues in Cardiff, Wales and Oldenburg, Germany.

Judd Palmer. Jason Stang Photography

#CCPrizes: Judd Palmer on puppetry, art and a spirit of service

Judd Palmer is a writer and illustrator and one of the founders of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, a Calgary-based collective-creation group that makes puppet shows for adults and children as well as films and sculptures; they also sometimes design sets, costumes and playgrounds. In June 2015...

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Meet our latest prize winners!

Congratulations to our latest Canada Council prize winners in humanities, dance, architecture, theatre, music and visual arts! Get to know these outstanding artists, scholars, organizations and their works.

Richard Rose

Artist Story

Richard Rose

This Toronto theatre director has brought international acclaim to Canadian stories. Read more about his award-winning career in the arts.