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Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators, 2014

11 May 2016

The Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators (PTCI) are timely economic estimates of culture and sport in Canada. The PTCI are an extension of the more comprehensive Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account and measure the economic importance of culture and sport in terms of output, gross domestic product and employment across Canada for reference years 2010 to 2014.

Culture activities accounted for 3.0% of Canada's total gross domestic product (GDP) and 3.5% of jobs in 2014. Among the provinces and territories, culture's share of GDP ranged from 1.3% in Saskatchewan to 3.8% in Ontario. Culture GDP in Canada rose 2.8% in 2014, following a 4.3% gain in 2013. Audio-visual and interactive media (+4.7%) contributed more than half of the overall growth in culture GDP in Canada in 2014. Culture GDP in most domains increased, with sound recording (+7.9%) posting the largest percentage gain.

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