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Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account, 2010

09 June 2015

2010 provincial / territorial (PT) data detailing the economic importance of arts, culture, heritage and sport are available via the second Culture Satellite Account (CSA) report by Statistics Canada. These are the first PTCSA figures to be officially published by Statistics Canada. The CSA is a joint initiative of Statistics Canada, Canadian Heritage, federal agencies including the Canada Council for the Arts, all provincial and territorial governments, numerous cities as well as non-governmental organizations.

Culture GDP at basic prices equaled $47.7 billion, contributing 3.0% to Canada’s GDP in 2010. It varied considerably in importance across provinces and territories in Canada, from 1.4% in Newfoundland and Labrador to 3.7% in Ontario. Culture jobs accounted for 642,486 jobs in 2010, contributing 3.7% to total employment in Canada. Culture jobs as a share of total economy ranged from 2.2% to 4.1% across provinces and territories.

The CSA is a tool designed to measure the economic contribution of the arts, cultural industries, heritage, and sport to the Canadian economy. It comprises three elements which, collectively, are unique to the CSA: The Canadian System of National Accounts (CSNA), The Canadian Framework for Culture Statistics 2011 (CFCS) and The Annual Survey of Service Industries. For more information please visit the PTSA website.

New provincial and territorial (PT) economic figures for culture, arts, heritage and sport, from 2010 to 2014 (inclusive), are now available via the first Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators (PTCI) report.