1. Funding
  2. How We Make Funding Decisions

The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to transparency, integrity and inclusiveness in its funding decisions, with peer assessment at the heart of its decision-making processes.  Peer assessment is the basis for the majority of the Canada Council’s arts funding decisions as to which artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations receive funding.

Selection of Peer Assessors

In selecting artists and arts professionals to participate in our peer assessment process, the Canada Council looks for individuals who have the experience, knowledge and open-mindedness to make a fair and expert evaluation of the comparative merits of applications and nominations for grants and prizes.

Peers are respected and credible within their artistic community or field (and scholarly communities in the case of prizes) and have professional experience and knowledge related to the assessment criteria and the types of applications or nominations submitted.

Past Peer Assessors

The Canada Council maintains a registry of potential peer assessors that is used to assemble peer assessment committees that represent a variety of experience and perspectives, while still bringing expert knowledge to the assessment.

How Can I Serve as a Peer Assessor?

Artists and arts professionals that are interested in being peer assessors are asked to self-nominate using the portal. The steps are as follows:


Register to the portal

Open an account in the portal and register as an applicant, a peer assessor or both. You will be asked to provide information about your field of practice and expertise and submit a c.v.


Get nominated

You may subsequently be called upon by Canada Council staff to serve on a peer assessment committee based on your qualifications and areas of knowledge. Not everyone who self-nominates is asked to participate in committees.


Get recognized

Names of peer assessment committee members are made public four times per year.