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David Miller, Exits (Gas Chamber and Crematorium 1, Auschwitz, August 24, 2010), 2012, chromogenic colour prints mounted on aluminum

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David Miller: 2014 Duke & Duchess of York Prize

“Photographs have a special connection to the worlds they describe and create, to those things that once existed but no longer do.” - David Miller

2014 John Diefenbaker Award: Helga Elisabeth Bories-Sawala

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2014 John Diefenbaker Award: Helga Elisabeth Bories-Sawala

Our collective memory is shaped by many factors including, of course, education. High-school history classes, given their universal and...

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Danika Littlechild (photo : Kelly Bell)

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Danika Billie Littlechild appointed Vice-President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO

A lawyer from the Ermineskin Cree Nation in Alberta, Ms Littlechild practices law with Indigenous peoples in several areas of expertise: governance, indigenous legal systems, environment and international law.


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Brett MacIntyre

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Brett MacIntyre

Brett MacIntyre is the 2013 winner of the Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners.