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Kegan McFadden

May 12th 2016 to October 2nd 2016

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What do you remember from History class?

The year 2017 brings the notion of past, present and futures to mind as we prepare to mark our country’s sesquicentennial. Punctured Landscape illustrates this milestone by transforming Âjagemô into a continuous topography. This is a curatorial gesture inspired by the federal government’s recent commitment to welcome Syrian refugees to Canada in addition to the ongoing efforts at decolonizing our society. It recognizes the breadth of this land and its parallel histories. These histories include Indigenous sovereignty and asylum seekers from afar – histories that are marred by strife, but buoyed by the persistence of the land and the diverse stories that make up Canada’s cultural landscape and inform who we are as a nation. This exhibition illustrates how the land, a witness to colonization and violence of various kinds, perseveres.

Punctured Landscape is a meditation on the Canadian social landscape of living memory. The artworks annotate the struggles present along the journey. Here, certain artworks stand-in for larger social inequities and moments of unrest amid the landscape. These works, and the moments in our collective, living memory that they represent, are to be understood as punctures. The 17 artworks brought together here ask the viewer to (re)consider their interpretation of history, legacy, and possible outcomes for the future.

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Kegan McFadden

Kegan McFadden

Kegan McFadden is a Winnipeg-based writer, curator, and artist whose projects blur the line between cultural research and storytelling. McFadden has organized exhibitions for artist-run, university, and public galleries throughout Canada over the last decade, employing a curatorial method that is purposely subjective, in order to reposition received narratives and highlight alternative approaches to discourse.

Photo credit: Chloe Chafe

David Hlynsky, 'Adjusting the North' (2007)


Reflections from the curator

Audiences encountering contemporary art in any given exhibition may expect to learn about the pieces on display. However Punctured Landscape presents an abridged history lesson.

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